Forrest Yoga workshops with Sandra Robinson

Sandra-Heider12011305Senior Yoga Teacher Sandra Robinson is back for two very special workshops, open all yoga practitioners except complete beginners.

Saturday 27th 10:00-13:00
The Forrest Yoga Way: Unwind Tension in Neck and Shoulders 

The intent of this 3-hour Forrest Yoga Workshop is to unwind tension of the neck and shoulders by strengthening and stretching the correct muscles. The aim is to experience more lightness and ease in those areas where we store not just physical, but also emotional tightness. You’ll learn the basic Forrest Yoga moves of wrapping the shoulders and relaxing the neck; and how they translate into different poses. The workshop utilises Forrest Yoga poses that take your shoulders through different ranges of motion in order to create a sense of freedom. The emphasis throughout will be to release the neck.

Sunday 28th May 10:00-13:00
The Forrest Yoga Way: Backbends

This 3-hour Forrest Yoga workshop introduces the basic Forrest Yoga moves of tucking the tailbone and telescoping the ribs. Correct application of those two basic moves will create more space in the spine and effortlessness in backbends. The aim is to explore how to backbend safely and what feelings rise to the surface when the front of the body and in particular the chest starts to open.

£30 per workshop or £55 if you book both.  BOOK HERE NOW to secure your spot.