Brooke Medicine Eagle workshops


Song of the Ancestors women’s workshops in North Wales. Early bird discount of £10 available if you commit before end March 2018.

  • £279 Saturday, Sunday & Monday 25th-27th August
  • £199 Saturday & Sunday workshops only 25th-26th August
  • £99 Monday sacred sites visits only 27th August

Know you want to come but want to spread the cost?  Use coupon code DEPOSITONLY to pay 50% now (remainder due two weeks before the workshops).

The ancient sites and inspiring landscape of the island of Anglesey offer a perfect setting in which to discover how our ancestral connections influence our lives and can transform our health and happiness in the present.  Scroll down for more info.


Song of the Ancestors: 3 days of workshops for women with Brooke Medicine-Eagle

Saturday 25th – Monday 27th August 2018

Workshops (25th and 26th) and Sacred Sites visits around Ynys Môn (27th)


Workshop venue: Prichard Jones Institute, Cottage Homes, Newborough LL61 6SY, Ynys Môn (Anglesey), North Wales, UK


Our ancestral connections are a powerful influence on our lives, living on in our veins and our energy fields. By becoming consciously aware of them, we can release hidden trauma and improve health and happiness. In these inspiring workshops, set in the ancient and beautiful landscapes of Ynys Môn, Brooke will lead you into experiential work to make deep connections with your feminine ancestors through meditation and altar work.


You will step into a deeper understanding of how our human hormones, ancient brain and connection to the goodness of the earth are fundamental to wellbeing.


You will also work with ancestral clearing, exploring how to release and clear trauma in the lines we are connected to. You will connect to the love and support of your ancestors. And honour those who have gone before, those who will come after, and the land, through dance, altars, ceremony and song.


The island of Ynys Môn (Anglesey in English) is known as Mon Mam Cymru (Mon the mother of Wales) and is sacred to the ancient mother goddess Mona. There are so many standing stones, ancient chambers and powerful spots all around the island, which was a place of power for the Druids before the Romans came. On the final day of our time together we will explore some of these sites.


Chose when you’ll be able to join us:

  • £279 Saturday, Sunday & Monday
  • £199 Saturday & Sunday workshops only
  • £99 Monday sacred sites visits only

Know you want to come but want to spread the cost?  Use coupon code DEPOSITONLY at checkout to pay 50% now (remainder due two weeks before the workshops).


Workshop days run 10am-5pm. Whilst there is no formal taught material in the evening we ask that you keep your evenings free for homework and to allow yourself space to be with the land.


Note that the price includes a basic hearty lunch but you will need to arrange your own accommodation (or camping) if you are travelling from far away. Please book this early, as Newborough is a stunning area popular with visitors in the summer. If you need help finding places, please get in contact and we can send you some suggestions.


Brooke Medicine-Eagle is a legendary Earthkeeper, wisdom teacher, healer, visionary, singer/songwriter, catalyst for wholeness and ceremonial leader, author of the Native American literary classic, Buffalo Woman Comes Singing and of The Last Ghost Dance. Brooke’s music recordings, teachings, writings and wilderness spiritual retreats have touched the hearts and minds of people worldwide.

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